Letter: A promise to Shelton

My main strategy for winning elections is to earn your vote by doing a good job. I try to be a voice of reason and consider all options so the best decisions can be made.  I’m fiscally conservative.  This is the most expensive election for me ever.  I've spent about $25. I hope you'll vote for me, as I enjoy serving on the Board of Education.

I believe we've accomplished a lot. Our student achievement is higher than most districts in the state and our per pupil cost is in the lowest 7% in the state. In our District Reference Group, we have the lowest per pupil spending, and our student achievement is well above the mid-point.  I attribute the success we've had to the fact almost every person on our team--from teachers to administrators to Board Members--genuinely cares and tries to deliver the best for our students.

We need a strong team working together to continue improving the district.  My party has endorsed 8 BoE candidates for this election.  According to the City Charter, no more than 5 of us can win.

I fully endorse incumbent BOE members who have attended and participated in BOE meetings on a consistent and regular basis to develop our budget, be decision-makers in our Finance, Policy and Teaching and Learning sub-committee meetings and participated in Board Member Lighthouse Training. I also support Anne Gaydos as a candidate who has shown a willingness to do the same. I encourage all prospective voters to research all incumbents and candidates and examine the track records. Further, I encourage you to consider incumbents and candidates alike who have a commitment and connection to the students who attend our schools and support initiatives like FDK and increased per pupil expenditures to offset our skyrocketing Special Education costs and maintain programming for our regular education and advanced students.

My request is the voters elect people who will work well together as a team and focus on the job to be accomplished and not on promoting themselves.  I'd rather elect people who are interested in finding the best answer than people who are convinced they know the best answer.  Serving on the Board of Education is not about being an important person. It's about doing important things.

If you elect me and those who are worthy of consideration we’ll do our best for you and Shelton’s kids.  It’s a simple promise, but it’s what serving is about.