Letter: Anglace touts his record, that of fellow incumbent Balamaci

John Anglace, an Alderman from Shelton, speaks in front of Stratford Town Hall in Stratford, Conn. Oct. 10, 2017.

John Anglace, an Alderman from Shelton, speaks in front of Stratford Town Hall in Stratford, Conn. Oct. 10, 2017.

Ned Gerard / Hearst Connecticut Media

To the Editor:

As the saying goes, “Never a dull moment in Shelton.”

Your article about the Shelton Republican party caucus to endorse a slate of candidates mentioned me (John Anglace) and Cris Balamaci as being among the endorsed Republican candidates who may face a primary for the nomination in Ward 3. Nothing wrong with that. It’s the law.

However, the challengers were quick to claim foul when they failed to follow party rules. If you want fair consideration, you have to know and follow the rules. And that is where people new to the political process always seem to think that the party has done them wrong for one reason or another. If you want to run for city public office, you better know the rules of the city charter and follow them or your constituents will suffer.

The Republican Party rules require interested names for office to be submitted to the steering committee, which then meets to consider qualifications and make a recommendation at the party caucus where candidates are endorsed via vote. No names other than incumbents John Anglace and Cris Balamaci were received by the steering committee for consideration prior to the party caucus.

Consequently, the steering committee’s third ward nominations for Board of Aldermen were incumbent Aldermen John Anglace and Cris Balamaci. Then, Greg Tetro’s name was nominated from the floor. The ensuing vote of Ward 3 Town Committee members was overwhelming in support of Anglace and Balamaci.

Following this we read comments in the Herald that two candidates would primary the party endorsed Ward 3 candidates. Both are members of S.O.S., an organization formed to oppose development of the Wells property. I thought S.O.S. members recognized that I also spoke in opposition to that development at the public hearing but, if not, it bears repeating. Cris and I have worked to influence significant S.O.S. recommended change to this application such as elimination of the Buddington Road exit, the addition of a much larger Buddington Road open space buffer, density reduction and runoff water issues. In addition, I state with pride that I have also received commendation via email from S.O.S. members regarding my subsequent diligent attendance and attention to P&Z activities regarding this proposal. Hence, our surprise and disappointment when we learned of the challenge from two S.O.S. members.

Cris and I have a record of service to the Republican party and the city of Shelton. We have followed Republican principles being frugal, offering cost savings ideas, offering constructive and productive ways to make our school system stronger and keeping Shelton a city where its residents can afford to live here and receive outstanding services. We will continue our dialogue as we proudly pursue the Ward 3 Republican alderman nomination.

We thank Ward 3 Republican voters for the opportunity to represent them and look forward to their continued support on Sept. 10 if there is a primary.

John F. Anglace, Jr.