Letter: Beware of Dems posing as Republicans

To the Editor:

My fellow Republicans. By now everyone knows that the Shelton Republican party is undergoing a primary election on Sept. 10 to determine its November election candidates. Registered Republican voters must decide who best represents party values, morals and principles.

Nobody likes this kind of a family fight because when it’s over, we all have to heal our wounds and come together to work in the best interest of the citizens of Shelton. Along the campaign trail both sides push their rhetoric and the campaign sometimes turns hurtful. Never-the-less, all actions must be examined. Hence, I offer this dialogue.

Last Sunday, the slate challenging the Republican Town Committee-endorsed candidates held an open Facebook session with a “special guest.” That “special guest” turned out to be Chris Jones, a longtime Democrat who recently turned Republican to run for a seat on the Planning & Zoning Commission. That small group of seven Republican challengers has now elevated the Democrat turned Republican into a hero of sorts. Really.

Registered Republican voters remember well that Jones ran against State Rep. Jason Perillo espousing solid Democratic tax and spend views.

Registered Republican voters also remember that Jones then ran against Mayor Mark A. Lauretti where he again pushed the Democratic ideology. Then Jones ran for alderman in Ward 3 against Cris Balamaci and this writer.

In all three cases Shelton voters solidly rejected Jones. So, why now should Republicans believe that he has abandoned his long-held Democratic views and embraced Republican principles? And, why does this small group of challengers elevate him to hero status?

As Mayor Lauretti cautions, Republicans should beware of Democrats posing as Republicans. Give Jones an inch and he will give you a thousand reasons to regret it. As for those on the challenging slate who seek positions on the Republican ballot in November, we must question their judgment and ask why they have abandoned their Republican principles. Is Chris Jones the best they have to offer the voters of Shelton?

How can they embrace a longtime Democrat with an embedded Democratic philosophy to be their “special guest” … their hero … the person they look up to as someone “special?” I don’t think this is the kind of leadership Shelton Republican voters are looking for in their candidates. Do you? The decision is yours to make on Sept. 10.

John F. Anglace, Jr.

Alderman, Ward 3