To the Editor:

During this time of great division, we at Envision Shelton are proud to officially announce the formation of our bipartisan Political Action Committee to oppose the proposed revision of our town charter on Nov. 3.

It is long past time for us to come together for the common good of our great city. It is our shared love and respect for our town and our community that has brought us together against this revision, which is simply bad for Shelton. As written, this charter revision will:

Put our low tax rate at risk by eliminating the Board of Apportionment and Taxation;

Encourage partisanship on our Board of Education;

Reduce voter choice by limiting the number of potential candidates that can run for public office;

Put far too many city appointments in the hands of one individual, removing that power from the Planning and Zoning Board and the Inland and Wetlands Commissions.

On Nov. 3, we, the residents of Shelton, will have the opportunity to vote yes or no to the revision question. Over the next 45 days, we at Envision Shelton will be making phone calls, writing letters, posting on social media, talking to friends and family and purchasing signage and literature to help educate and implore the people of Shelton to vote against the proposed revision.

If these changes pass, we will suffer the consequences for the next 10 years. It is critical that our community gets this right!

Vote no on charter revision.

Lorraine Rossner, chair.

Matt McGee, treasurer.

Anne Gaydos, officer.

Mark Holden, officer.

Wendy Holden, officer.

Mandy Kilmartin, officer.

David Gidwani, supporter.

Diana Meyer, supporter.

Mary Pavliouk, supporter.

Patrick Burden, supporter.

Mike Lewis, supporter.

David Eldridge, supporter.

Chris Jones, supporter.

Jimmy Capra, supporter.