Letter: Capra will continue to fight for Shelton’s 4th Ward residents

Dear 4th Ward Republican residents:

My name is Jim Capra and I have been your alderman for the past four years. You elected me four years ago to represent you and then again two years later without hesitation. It has been an honor and privilege to have earned your support and trust to be your alderman.

I have worked hard to keep your taxes low and will continue to do the same, if not lower them. I have stood next to you, and fought for you, during the budget process, with my opposition to Shelter Ridge, the affordable housing in Huntington Center and the cluster housing on Booth Hill Road. I have and will continue to improve the quality of education for our children. Over the last four years I have built and retained open and good communications with the members of the Shelton BOE, the staff and faculty.

I will continue to fight for our senior citizens, to ensure they receive the services they need are available, to make sure Shelton stays affordable for them by maintaining the low taxes, and their quality of life is improved.

I have, and will continue, to carefully review the annual budget. I advocate and push to have a forensic audit completed. The forensic audit will be used to determine where and how your tax dollars are being allocated, if they are properly being allocated, and to ensure the best accounting practices are adopted and adhered to.

I will continue to ask the hard questions and demand factual answers. I will not fall prey to becoming a rubber stamp, a yes man or to political pressure. I will listen to you and your concerns, and will represent you with integrity, openness and transparency. That is my promise to you. The same promise I made to you four years ago.

I look forward to your continued support and vote on Sept. 10, and your support for the Row B candidates for the Planning & Zoning and BOE.

Jim Capra

4th Ward Alderman