To the Editor:

The Nov. 3 election is less than a month away. The election will include our choice for president, vice president, state senators, state representatives, 3rd and 4th District congressional seats, the registrars of voters and one referendum question regarding the revision of the Shelton city charter.

The city charter contains the exact guidelines to manage and direct our city administrators (and) elected officials and its revision is dependent on your votes on the ballot. Whether you vote in person or by absentee ballot, the question will appear on your Nov. 3 ballot.

A bipartisan Charter Revision Commission (CRC) is established every 10 years to review and make recommendations to the Board of Aldermen for charter changes to be presented to the voters which will enhance our ability to better serve the citizens of Shelton going forward. The CRC gathers its information from many sources including the public (open meetings/correspondence), city administrators, boards/commissions and by examining and discussing the charter which is currently in use. They received a multitude of requests to make changes in many areas of the charter. The CRC final draft is then presented and submitted to the BoA for review, public opinion and final changes are made for its publication and to provide the referendum question on the ballot on Nov. 3.

If we learned anything from the recent and ongoing pandemic, it was how dependent we have become on technology and how we (like most of the country) do not have enough or the correct equipment and technology in place at this time. One of the most important additions to the charter is a provision for a new and perpetual funded technology committee to support and recommend the technology required by the Shelton public schools and all other city of Shelton departments in the future. The appointees to this committee will be made by the Shelton public schools, the Board of Aldermen and the city administration.

I strongly suggest all voters support the charter revision on Nov. 3 by voting yes on the question on the ballot. A copy of the charter revisions is available at

Thank you for supporting our Shelton students, Shelton public schools, and our Shelton city employees and appointed boards and commission in this request.

Anthony F. Simonetti

First Ward Alderman