To the Editor:

For certain we are living in unprecedented times. As a community, we are doing many of the right things to get through this pandemic: wearing masks when we are out, washing our hands frequently and social distancing. For many of us, the technology we have has allowed us to stay connected, whether it is to friends and loved ones or to our jobs. A group of people who are not so fortunate are our public school students and teachers.

Education is a daunting undertaking in our present world. The buildings themselves were never designed to accommodate a world where a highly contagious virus lives among us. Our children and teachers need technology in the form of webcams, Chromebooks and high bandwidth wifi routers along with other tech-related items in order to be successful in the virtual classroom.

What is of extreme concern to me is the false narrative being propagated by the Board of Aldermen president and the mayor. While our children and teachers struggle daily attempting to learn and teach remotely, the fictitious solution being offered by some is to support the vague charter revision that has, buried among what can only be accurately described as a power grab from the people, a provision for a tech committee.

Let me be clear, there is no requirement to approve the charter revision in order for your children and their teachers to receive the tech resources that they so desperately need right now. The powers that be, in a desperate attempt to wrestle control of the city away from the citizens for the next decade, are hoping residents will fall for this parlor trick and support this legislation that limits your voice and choice at every turn.

We can get the tech that is needed right now, but the mayor is trying to pull a fast one on parents with an empty promise that maybe, possibly, some day might address your children’s immediate needs. We are all smarter than this; please, do not fall for it. We can get what our children and teachers need right now if all of us work together.

Therefore, please vote no on the charter revision. We will preserve your participation in our city and get our children and their dedicated teachers what they need to not only navigate but succeed in today’s uncertain world. At the end of the day, it's our tax dollars and our voices should be heard.

David Gidwani

First Ward Alderman