Letter: Charter revisions not good for Shelton

Below is a Letter to the Editor from this week's Shelton Herald. If you'd like to have a letter to the editor run next week, email letters to brian.gioiele@hearstmediact.com

Below is a Letter to the Editor from this week's Shelton Herald. If you'd like to have a letter to the editor run next week, email letters to brian.gioiele@hearstmediact.com

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SHS student group opposes charter revisions

To the Editor:

SHS Students Fight For Change unanimously opposes the charter revisions and firmly believes that they should not be implemented.

These charter revisions directly impact our education. They go against our interests as students and the interests of all residents. The current 5-4 split on the board allows for minority voices to not only be heard, but taken seriously. This allows the board to work with one another constructively and, in theory, results in the best possible outcome for our students.

Their seats serve as an important check on power that prevents the sole interest of one party from controlling the direction of our education system. Our education is not only our present, but our future. Our lives are structured around it, and we believe that a bipartisan board best represents the interests of all students. Unfortunately, however, the current administration does not seem to view it this way.

Alongside chronic underfunding, students, teachers and parents will now have to battle heightened partisan interests interfering with the BOE decision-making process.

Allowing for a potential 6-3 split on the BOE is simply not in the best interest of any student. There is no room for partisanship when it comes to decisions affecting a student’s education. Having our education subject to the interests of one party, rather than more reasonable decision-making that follows a bipartisan discussion, is not something we should be striving for as a community.

A 6-3 split not only enables, but blatantly encourages the majority to shut out the minority. These revisions disrupt any attempt at balance and we fear they are bound to lead to careless decision-making. We desperately need members of the board to work together for the benefit of all students.

We plead with you to support the principle of bipartisanship and to vote against this charter revision.

SHS Students Fight For Change

Let your voice be heard in November

To the Editor:

The Secretary of (the) State (SOS) recently sent out hundreds of thousands of requests for absentee ballots. More than 20,000 never made it to their destination because the out of state mailing company she hired did not mail them. It leads me to believe that our Hartford Democratic administration is even more incompetent than ever. It is no secret the state of Connecticut is in dire straits when it comes to our finances. Every dollar counts. The total amount spent on the mailing etc. is not readily available but to be assured a family of four could easily live handsomely for several years on it. What did it produce? A royal challenge for the town clerks offices across the state. The Shelton Town Clerk’s Office was swamped. They had to open, check the registry, fold ballots, instructions and stuff and mail some 3,000 envelopes. Almost half of which were never returned.

Our U.S. Postal Service system is the best in the world. Many of you don't realize how well it functions until you try mailing even a post card home from any other country. The men and women of the USPS serve us well and can only guarantee a ballot gets delivered to be counted if it is placed in their system just as they advise us delivery of gifts at Christmas time if they are mailed by Dec. 12. Politicians and SOS are ready to change the regulations, as they did in Bridgeport to allow extra hours for voting and printing of extra ballots after the fact during the Presidential election in 2008. Don't allow their errors and mistakes to disrupt probably the most important Presidential election in the history of the United States.

If you require/need or would prefer an absentee ballot please either request one in writing or go to the cityofshelton.org website and download the form to request one and forward it to the town clerk’s office. (P.O. Box 364) It can be done right now. You can assist an elderly or compromised person if you care to do so also. There is no secret that this method of requesting an absentee ballot works without overburdening or placing added costs onto our election process. Our military who are stationed abroad have utilized this system for decades without question.

Voting is a privilege we as U.S. citizens should never take for granted. When less than 50 percent of those eligible actually show up to vote “We the people” are not making our voices heard. Whether you feel you are part of the silent majority or feel you are part of the silenced majority your vote is needed and counts. Don't let any politician, government agency or person deter you from voting. If you need assistance the Registrar of Voters will assist you. Accommodations at the polls are available for hearing and visually impaired. Easy access for those with wheelchairs and walkers are also available I have personally witnessed the exceptional social distancing, sanitizing that our Shelton Registrar of Voters office has adopted and the poll workers who meticulously adhere to them during the 6A to 8A voting day. Be assured you will be safe if you vote in person in any of the Shelton polling. Get out the vote and bring someone with you to the polls.

Anthony F. Simonetti

Shelton Republican Town Committee


Inland Wetlands Commission should deny Shelter Ridge

To the Editor:

We have been fighting the good fight on behalf of Shelton residents against Shelter Ridge for more than four years. The application has now reached the Inland Wetlands Commission. It is clear that Shelter Ridge is the worst project ever proposed for Shelton. It will cause permanent harm to 121 acres and the surrounding homes, streets and rivers. For what?

We listened to the city engineer give expert testimony against this project for many reasons. In fact, he recommended denial on Feb. 15, 2018.

Save Our Shelton and its supporters donated money to hire a licensed engineer to review the application. This review echoed the city’s report and confirmed many serious issues that clearly required a denial. The facts can’t be disputed. Although our mayor walked out of a meeting on Feb. 6, 2020, when our engineer spoke because he wasn’t interested in the facts.

Now he is helping the developer. He got the Board of Aldermen to spend $16,000 of your tax money on yet another review. He is using our money to pay for another review! That backfired, because this report also warned of major flaws with the application. At their May 7 meeting, after studying three engineering reports, the wetlands commissioners were poised to deny it. After our city engineer recommended denial, two other engineering companies clearly stated all of the reasons the plans wouldn’t work. But the mayor, in yet another display of complete overreach, is throwing out more of our taxpayer money. In the time of COVID, he is not only directing commissions to hold meetings at 10 a.m. (when most people are at work and cannot attend), but he is paying for another review of the property. Why?

This is misuse of our tax dollars and an unwarranted favor to the developer. The Inland Wetlands Commission must do their job and deny the application. Don’t let the mayor waste our money.

Gregory S. Tetro

SOS Save Our Shelton