Letter: Concerned about city’s handling of buses

To the Editor:

It has been a frustrating few days with the school bus situation being so unsettled with only a few days to go before the start of the school year here in Shelton. This has not gone very well. Here is what we know to date.

Bus drivers were neither drug tested nor had background checks before they were hired and in some cases transported our children for summer school. Both the contract between the city and the Shelton BOE and state law required that these checks be performed by the city regardless. The particularly disappointing part about this is that it appears that the mayor and his subordinates simply neglected to read and understand the requirements. The mayor pushed very hard for the city to take over the school transportation and the response that he gave was that there was “some confusion” about the testing requirements, essentially confirming that the requirements were not met. We are being asked to trust the city with the safety of our children. As a parent, this is not acceptable. There are expectations in place, both contractual and legal, and they were not met. Confusion with our children’s safety is in no way OK.

Further, the bus schedule for the regular Shelton school year was to be posted online Monday, Aug 26. That has yet to be posted as of this moment, with school starting in a few short days.

So what can we do? The Board of Aldermen (BOA) provides oversight for the city operations. For the most part, the BOA members have been silent on this issue. It is time for all concerned parents to take a moment to write their aldermen. Separate links are provided below for the ward map and the email addresses for all members of the Board of Aldermen. Simply find which ward you are in, find the email address and drop your two aldermen and quick note expressing your concerns about the school bus situation. You can also contact the mayor or Ken Nappi directly. Finally, please feel free to share this post so that it can reach all parents of Shelton students.

Please take a few minutes to address this issue, so that our kids are safe when traveling to and from school this year. Thank you.



Scott A. Smith