To the Editor:

There will always be discrimination because humans are flawed. Some Blacks hate Whites and vice versa. Some White Europeans hate other White Europeans and some Blacks hate other Blacks. The race situation in this country was pretty good until these riots. The riots are about control, using young people, who don’t know history, to protest, thinking this is about Blacks needing more support.

Slavery existed before America. Black Dr. Walter Williams said the word “slave” comes from White Slavic people used as slaves.

Niger Innis, Robert Woodson, Dr. Carol Swain, Sheriff David Clarke, Candace Owens are a few Blacks who could enlighten you. There was slavery in this country. It is horrible that any human being would consider another human as a slave, but it does not exist now. Some of the statues being destroyed represent men who treated slaves kindly and was what was done at that time. Destroying statues is destroying history, which is a Communist tactic.

Columbus was a good Catholic man. Some with him may not have been. Fr. Junipero Serra was an advocate for the rights of native people. Educators who refuse to let students honor Columbus are themselves uneducated and should no longer teach.

A young rioter said life is worth more than a destroyed business. True, but the evil destruction is only about ridding themselves of youthful frustrations and has harmed the very Blacks they pretend to be supporting, such as George Floyd. Did they care about retired Black Police Captain Dorn who was murdered and the hundreds of cops injured? The violent Antifa and Black Lives Matter organizations are people who hate America and want to destroy it.

Strongwilled young protesters, whose rhetoric leads uninformed youth to block highways and bridges, are breaking the law which states that highways, etc., are not to be blocked.

Martin Luther King said, “violence is impractical and immoral.”

Marie Marra