Letter: Here for Shelton proud of campaign, thanks supporters

To the Editor:

On Tuesday, Sept. 10, the Republican voters of Shelton were given the opportunity to have a choice in who they wanted to represent them. Here for Shelton candidates chose to run an honest and fully transparent campaign free from the inflection of innuendo, misleading information and lies.

While the result was not what we had hoped for, the Shelton Republicans have made their decision. The Here for Shelton candidates accept that decision and wish the best for Shelton’s future. We urge each resident, no matter the party affiliation, to educate yourselves on each candidate running in November. Learn their platforms and vote for the candidates that will grow Shelton financially, provide the best education, provide for the best quality of life for all Shelton residents, and prepare Shelton for a sound future regardless of party affiliation.

Here for Shelton would like to thank every resident that helped support our team, whether it was volunteering or with financial support via donations.

Many ask if we all will ever run for political office in the future. Our answer: we are keeping our options wide open.

God bless you all and may God bless Shelton.

Jim Capra

Mike Gaydos

Greg Tetro

Peter Squitieri

Mark Holden

Tom Minotti

Anne Gaydos

Chris Jones

-The Here for Shelton Team