Letter: In support of Shelton’s Anglace, Balamaci

To the Editor:

This letter is written in support of John Anglace for alderman in Shelton’s third ward in the upcoming primary on Sept. 10. I have known John for more than 40 years. He was a successful negotiator for Pfizer for many years before retiring and donating many years of free service to the city of Shelton as an alderman for 28 years, most of which time he was board president.

In 22 years as assistant corporation counsel for the city of Shelton, I saw firsthand the sacrifices of time and energy John committed to the city. He would always research everything in-depth, reading every bit of information about a complex issue and never being swayed by others. He would always hear each side and make up his mind without considering what was best for him politically. He would bring each side to the table and look to heal any divisions.

He is truly a unique person and it would be a shame and a loss to the city if he was not successful on Sept 10. Please consider a vote for John Anglace and his running mate Cris Balamaci on Sept 10.

Ray Sous