Letter: Kutash responds to exclusion from Shelton DTC ballot

To the Editor:

I would like the entire City of Shelton to know that I did indeed seek nomination for a fifth term on the Shelton Board of Education, yet this evening I was not nominated by the Democratic Town Committee.

I have served successfully for eight years, am the longest serving Democrat, and am currently chair of the Policy Committee and the ad hoc committee to revise the format for the evaluation of the superintendent of schools. I have an exemplary attendance record and in the last election received more votes than any other Democratic candidate.

This is not about a commitment to politics for me. This is about a commitment to a quality education for the students of Shelton, about maintaining noteworthy programs and maintaining our buildings for future generations of Shelton students. It is about doing the best we can do with the meager dollars we are afforded each year. It’s about frequent meetings and negotiations, attending up to nine back-to-school nights, and countless concerts, STEM nights, literacy nights and family nights. It’s about a field in which I have dedicated a 42-year career. It is where my interests, my experience and my passion lie.

Sadly, I feel some people nominated tonight did not know ahead of time who was not being nominated for Board of Education. I, myself, only knew of one who was beforehand. Yes, I was nominated from the floor by former BOE member Faith Hack, but I do not understand why not one person could second the nomination when certain individuals have expressed to me dissatisfaction with the whole process. Is the DTC the same puppet show as the RTC?

It’s no secret that Dave Gioiello and I have opposing viewpoints on many issues and do not always vote the same way. For some reason, he has long had a personal lack of tolerance for me that I do not understand. I feel it is a conflict of interest for him to have any influence on or be a member of a committee nominating for a position he currently holds.

I have enjoyed serving the City of Shelton as a member of the Board of Education and intend to do everything in my power to continue to do so.

Kate Kutash