Letter: Lauretti team will continue city’s economic success

To the Editor:

Thank you to all who attended the fundraiser for “Republicans for Continued Tax Stability” on Monday, Aug. 26. The evening was a big success due to your commitment to Shelton and the Republican Lauretti Team which was established in 1991.

Per the mayor’s comments on Monday evening, the Republican-lead Lauretti team more than 28 years has transformed Shelton from a town that was loosing long-standing industries, had more than 50 downtown storefronts empty with about 400 businesses and residents leaving Shelton to one of the lowest taxed communities in Connecticut and a mecca for employment.

The numbers tell it all, less than $1 billion tax base to more than $5 billion today, almost no empty storefronts with many having been remodeled and redeveloped, more than 1,500 businesses now call Shelton home including giants like PerkinElmer and Bic Corp., more than 25,000 people now commute to Shelton to work on a daily basis, from zero hotels to six with a seventh coming online soon, a growth in downtown services, restaurants, and well-planned and extensive renovation along with a generous mix of rental accommodations downtown and throughout the city, the tripling of our recreational facilities and programs, along with extensive walking trails and more than $180 million in renovation to all schools and the addition of a state of the art intermediate school.

This and much more was accomplished with a team of citizens who cared about Shelton’s future and were not afraid to recognize the city’s problems and to take the necessary steps to bring about changes that have assisted everyone. The low taxes, balanced growth and controlled spending practices have helped to bring more clean business and industries to Shelton, allow the aging population to stay in their own homesteads in many cases, they have also made it affordable for new families to move in and attract even more tax-paying commerce to Shelton in to those areas designated by city planners in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

One of the most proactive and productive quasi-government agencies is the Shelton Economic Development Corp. This mix of local volunteer business professionals and professional staff and Mayor Mark Lauretti has been able to find both private developers to the tune of more than $100 million along with some very large state and federal grants and other financial sources to fund the cleanup and rebuilding of downtown and other areas in the city.

We as a city are thankful to those who served both past and present on the many non-elected boards and commissions which assist in the management of our parks, recreation, open space, sewage treatment and so many other vital areas in the city. Our elected officials who are responsible for the utilization and spending of taxpayer dollars and future development in Shelton need your direct approval in the voting booth nest week. The Lauretti team is being challenged by at least one 30-year Democrat who changed his affiliation to Republican in early June to garner a spot on the P&Z Commission and another who is also eyeing a spot on the same commission. The persons who have volunteered as candidates as part of the Republicans for Continued Tax Stability for the Board of Education, Planning & Zoning and the Board of Aldermen, the city’s fiscal authority, need your support to be victorious in the Sept. 10 Republican primary and continue Shelton’s plan for balanced growth and low taxes.

We need Republican voters to come out on Tuesday, Sept. 10, to vote for the Lauretti team in all wards. Polls will be open from 6A to 8P in the following locations, 1st Ward - Elizabeth Shelton School; 2nd Ward - Shelton Intermediate Schoo; 3rd Ward - Long Hill School; and 4th Ward - Mohegan School. If you need assistance with regarding who is on the Lauretti team, absentee voter applications or have general questions about primary voting protocol, please feel free to call 203-605-7712.

Your vote counts and is important to the future management of Shelton and its natural resource by persons who live, work and recreate in Shelton.

Anthony F. Simonetti

Board of Aldermen, 1st Ward