Letter: No excuses. Get out and vote

To the Editor:

I read with great curiosity a newspaper editorial about stopping the interference in our elections, and I have listened to the hype about meddling in the 2016 election. The only interference I see is the laziness of the public not coming out to vote, despite the millions upon millions of dollars spent on political ad campaigns it just did not get people motivated. And the voting day is set in stone, second Tuesday in November every year. How much simpler can it be?

The worst part is when I hear someone complain about any elected official and/or government agency and then when asked if they vote they make up a lame excuse or just say flat out no. There is the real tragedy, we have a free secret voting system that is easy to access and more than 50 percent of those eligible simply do not vote. As far as I can tell when you actually vote there are no foriegn entities making the selections on the ballot sheets. We as electors/voters are alone in the booth and the ballot machines in Shelton are not connected to a computer or other device that would alter or change or remove any votes. No vote tallying machine should be rigged/altered in the USA to compromise our voting choices.

Who to vote for is your choice and yours alone. Study the candidates, call, text, write to them. Those who live in your community should respond immediately. Those who represent us in Hartford and Washington on the most part do us a disservice. Those representing Shelton in Hartford are fighting the good fight to stop the excess spending and over extended reach and size of government. In Washington, D.C., you can see little if no progress from the five elected officials from Connecticut. And their antics of getting press and air time does not make the government any more efficient or effective. Term limits would be a great thing, but you have the ability to give everyone of them the boot in November.

I do not participate in social media on any platform except email. I believe social media has its place, but not in my world. If I want to communicate I do it in person or utilize this article in the Shelton Herald to bring my opinion or ideas to others easily, peacefully and without hysterics and hype. Educating yourself on the issues and persons seeking office is your duty and responsibility. Being and living free has to be worked at and don't forget a prayer for our armed services and first responders.

Our forefathers, without social media, computers or cell phones, got it right. Voting is a privilege that is both your right and your responsibility as a citizen of your community, state and the country. Don't squander it. They even understood that the need for a special body called the Electoral College was necessary before we had states like California and great masses of people in places like New York City that could and would unduly affect an election outcome.

No one can take that away your right or stop you from voting in our elections. Get to the polls, bring a friend or family member, call for an absentee ballot, ask for a ride. All these options are available to you with a phone call to city hall. (203-924-1555)

Please get out and vote. That is where your voice(s) can be heard loud and clear.

Anthony F. Simonetti

Alderman, 1st Ward