Letter: Parade celebrates Huntington Co’s 100th

To the Editor:

The men and women who make up Huntington Fire Co. # 3 should all be especially proud of themselves today. Each day we know they stand by and protect us but on Sunday they culminated their 100th anniversary celebration by entertaining fire companies from all over the state, completing the hosting of the CT State Firefighter Convocation with a grand parade. Over a year of planning and replanning for the three days of events was topped off with a wonderful day on Sunday that started with a two-hour competitive parade of the best fire apparatus and dress uniformed firefighters in the state. Many of Fire Co. #3 members in “STAFF” shirts could be seen from early morning until later in the evening working tirelessly to make every aspect of the day spectacular and without question they did.

If you were on the parade route, you were treated to a display of vehicles from a wooden wheeled fire pumper with 12 firefighters pushing and pulling it to Shelton’s newest and most advanced Pine Rock Co. #4 rescue vehicle that arrived just recently and is already in service. Echo Hose Co. #1 had “Jumbo” on the road with Fire Marshal James Tortora at the wheel and his favorite lady beside him. Some 35 fire companies sent their best trucks and personnel to proudly compete before eight professional firefighting parade judges. Even a finger print on a truck could knock it out of the competition so you know they shined from bumper to bumper.

Our own Shelton High School Gael Marching Band led the parade from Huntington Center to the the BIC Corp. complex entertaining everyone with their fabulous sound. They drew standing ovations from the crowd as they played during the entire length of the parade. Their drummers’ beats announced each song and alerted the awaiting crowds that the parade was on its way to them. And let’s not forget our flag twirlers who gracefully entertained everyone along the parade route with their perfectly executed and synchronized routines.

For those who came out to see the parade, they were not disappointed and at the conclusion were treated to hot dogs and beverages at by the Shelton-Huntington Exchange Club and Star Distributors assisting with beverages also. Real Estate Two provided some give-a-way goodies along with BIC and some other vendors. After the parade, celebration festivities continued at the Huntington Fire House along with a complimentary celebration hosted by the Czecho Club on Center Street. We all know Bridgeport Ave. may not resemble the Vegas strip but our eateries and hotels were great hosts to many visiting firefighters throughout the weekend including the Huntington Long Island firefighters who brought their trucks over on the Port Jeff Ferry.

And thank you for inviting the aldermen to be part of this special day. John Anglace, Jr. (Board of Aldermen president) Ward 3, Eric McPherson, Ward 2 , Noreen McGorty, Ward 4, Cris Balamaci, Ward 3 and myself representing Ward 1 were very pleased to be part of the festivities.

To all our firefighter and their auxiliaries, you are our truly the bravest and we thank you for protecting our citizens and their property. May you always return safely after each run. And we can’t thank enough the family members who support them. They are also being awakened by the alarms that go off at all times of the day and the early morning hours calling our firefighters to service.

Anthony Simonetti

Alderman, First Ward