Letter: Republican Tetro eyes primary for Shelton’s third ward

To the Editor:

I have watched and listened to people beating their chests for the last 10 years on how much development they have brought to our city.

They want to take credit on how they have increased our tax base. Now we sit 10 years later, and we seem to not have enough money and need to increase taxes. Our gains seem to be increased traffic and disgruntled citizens of the future direction of our city.

With new RTC caucus rules, nobody was able to have their votes be private. I can’t imagine what would happen if every voter had to do this in the upcoming election. Two years ago several members of Save our Shelton went to the polls to give the city a voice. I/we were told “We would not be around in two years.” What we are seeing with the number of people petitioning is we are still here. We will be here in the future. We want to help shape our city. Stronger government for a stronger Shelton is our goal. Leadership needs to be for the many and not for the few.

Greg Tetro