To the Editor:

SHS Students Fight For Change unanimously opposes the charter revisions and firmly believes that they should not be implemented.

These charter revisions directly impact our education. They go against our interests as students and the interests of all residents. The current 5-4 split on the board allows for minority voices to not only be heard, but taken seriously. This allows the board to work with one another constructively and, in theory, results in the best possible outcome for our students.

Their seats serve as an important check on power that prevents the sole interest of one party from controlling the direction of our education system. Our education is not only our present, but our future. Our lives are structured around it, and we believe that a bipartisan board best represents the interests of all students. Unfortunately, however, the current administration does not seem to view it this way.

Alongside chronic underfunding, students, teachers and parents will now have to battle heightened partisan interests interfering with the BOE decision-making process.

Allowing for a potential 6-3 split on the BOE is simply not in the best interest of any student. There is no room for partisanship when it comes to decisions affecting a student’s education. Having our education subject to the interests of one party, rather than more reasonable decision-making that follows a bipartisan discussion, is not something we should be striving for as a community.

A 6-3 split not only enables, but blatantly encourages the majority to shut out the minority. These revisions disrupt any attempt at balance and we fear they are bound to lead to careless decision-making. We desperately need members of the board to work together for the benefit of all students.

We plead with you to support the principle of bipartisanship and to vote against this charter revision.

SHS Students Fight For Change