Letter: Sad some Shelton RTC members appear to have hijacked committee

The following letter was sent to Republican Town Committee Chairman Anthony Simonetti and submitted to The Shelton Herald for publication.


I read with interest and confusion your comments to The Shelton Herald the other day. In the article you commented that the decision to have Bernie Simons primary in the fourth ward was made by the RTC.

Anthony, the last meeting held by the RTC was July 22, 2019, which was the night of the nominating convention. The last meeting of the steering committee was on July 21, 2019, at your house. At no time during either of those meetings was Bernie Simons name mentioned as a candidate.

So here is my question to you, the chairman of the Shelton RTC: When and where was this meeting of the RTC membership held to vote on this decision to have a primary in the fourth ward as you claim in the newspaper? When and where did the membership of the fourth ward meet and vote? State law lays out a specific window for holding nominating conventions which closed on July 23, 2019, so how did the fourth ward/RTC make a decision after that date? Would that not be an illegal meeting? Nominating conventions by law are also public meetings and need to be properly and duly noticed, and there is no record of such a notice.

If you cannot support your comments with some type of credible evidence or supporting material of such a meeting of the full membership or the members of the fourth ward, having ever occurred, then I demand that you immediately send a retraction of your comments to the press and inform them that this was not a decision by, nor endorsed by the membership RTC.

The Shelton RTC is not your political tool to be used to push forth an agenda of your own or a few others. It is disgusting and offensive that you have invoked the name of the RTC and its members in such a way and have mislead the public that this was an action of the RTC membership for the gain of a few and not the majority. The RTC members of the fourth ward made their decision unanimous on July 22, 2019, to renominate and endorse the incumbents. A legal vote was taken and that legal vote is binding on the RTC whether you like it or not. If you and a few others do not like that binding decision, that is your right and a personal decision. But that displeasure does not give you or a few others the right to use the RTC name to push an agenda that is not in accordance with the binding vote of the fourth ward members of the RTC or the RTC in general. Your actions are those of a few, and are of a personal nature, and not that of the full membership of the RTC. Continued use of the RTC name for yours, and a few others, personal agenda are also in violation of the by-laws and a misrepresentation of the facts of the July 22, 2019, nominating convention. The members of the RTC and the fourth ward made their decisions on July 22, 2019.

If you wish to claim that the press took your comments out of context and/or misquoted you, then you need to immediately send in a letter clarifying the RTC membership did not make this decision and contact the author of the article so that he can make the necessary corrections to reflect the facts.

It is also my understanding that on Saturday, Aug. 10, 2019, at 10 a.m. there was some type of RTC primary strategy session that took place at the Shelton Community Center. Was this an official sponsored meeting of the RTC? If it was, it would seem to appear that a large number of the RTC members, including myself, were not notified nor invited as required by the by-laws. It appears that a specific group was invited. If it was not an RTC function, then please be sure to dissociate this meeting from the RTC and not use or give the appearance this was an RTC function as all members were not notified of such meeting in accordance with the Shelton RTC by-laws.

It is sad that a certain few members have decided to hijack the great name of the Shelton Republican Town Committee and use it to mislead the public and the public’s trust. I look forward to your reply and a retraction/correction in the press. I will interpret a lack of action or reply on your part that the facts laid out above are true and accurate.

Mark Widomski