Letter: Shelton Dems’ slate includes accomplished businessman for mayor

The Shelton Democratic Town Committee.

The Shelton Democratic Town Committee.

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To the Editor:

Shelton Democrats have nominated a strong slate of candidates to serve the city of Shelton, including an accomplished businessman and educator - John Harmon - to run for mayor.

John Harmon's background aligns well with what’s needed to be an effective mayor. John's educational and teaching background have convinced him of the value of a well-rounded education, both as a means to achieve meaningful employment but also to develop a satisfying curiosity about the world and how it works. Following his undergraduate degree he attended Vanderbilt Law School and taught history and economics at a private school in Harrisburg, Pa. He received his Ph.D. in history from the University of Rochester where he also taught courses in history and worked as an administrator in the university’s office of Research Administration.

More recently he has taught Business Strategy at Fairfield University’s Dolan School of Business. He offers workshops at the Genesee Valley Chamber of Commerce and other Fairfield County towns to SCORE clients on sales, marketing, business operations and finance. John believes that the education of Shelton’s young people is one of the most critical services that the town provides. He intends to see that the quality of the Shelton schools is the very best that Shelton can offer.

John's business background has taught him about what goes into making organizations work well and what to do if they don’t. For 30 years he worked at two Fortune 500 companies: Kodak and Pitney Bowes, in sales, marketing, operational improvement, and strategic planning.

He served as a quality consultant to various operational executives at Kodak and the company made his services available to community partners including local hospitals, several local school districts and the New York Department of Motor Vehicles. At Pitney Bowes he helped lead several acquisition initiatives which helped to integrate organizations into the company. At SCORE and through his own consulting business - Adulant Consulting Services - he offers advice to small businesses that want to grow and to improve profitability. He advises his clients on how to establish key operating measures and goals, best practices in managing resources, strategies for growth, and the most effective uses of technology to achieve greater productivity. He believes that Shelton city government can benefit from the skills and perspectives he possesses.

John believes in the power of vision and how this can be harnessed to achieve great results. He believes that Shelton has under-invested in itself. Improving parks and recreation, developing a dynamic and compelling downtown area, updating its existing assets are just some of the things that Shelton can do to become a city that attracts new residents and offers engaging services to visitors. This will take time but it won’t require new spending. It can be done with a plan, by freeing up resources that are inefficiently utilized and by careful, prudent budgeting.

With a first class school system, with an open and efficient government, with a vision and plan for the future, Shelton can achieve its potential as one of Connecticut’s model cities.

The full Democratic endorsed slate includes:

Mayor: John Harmon

Treasurer: Robert Lally

Alder - Ward 1: Lorraine Rossner

Alder - Ward 2: Kevin Kosty

Alder - Ward 3: Jose Goncalves and Matt McGee

Planning & Zoning Commission: Nancy Dickal, Elaine Matto and Quinn Weber

Note: Jimmy Tickey is serving a 4-year term; and is not up for re-election this year

Planning and Zoning Alternate: John Uysal

Board of Education: Wayne Bragg, David Gioiello, Amanda Kilmartin, Diana Meyer and Patti Moonan

Board of Apportionment & Taxation: Steve Guralnick, Joe Knapik and Michelle Laubin

Democratic Town Committee