Letter: Supporting Lauretti’s team will bring continued growth

The following is a response to a recent Letter to the Editor by Mark Widomski and submitted to The Shelton Herald for publication.

To the Editor:

The irony. Mark Widomski is not running in this primary yet he continues to flap his tongue but thinks it is not appropriate for the mayor to speak out.

He isn’t old enough to know that 28 years ago, when Shelton was deep in debt, I prevailed upon Mark Lauretti to run for mayor and I agreed to run with him to support his conservative values and principles. If that constitutes being a “rubber stamp” I proudly accept the title. Shelton’s progress since then is legendary and the result of strong conservative values.

Look at the downtown changes, Bridgeport Avenue, etc. Over the years our vision has been supported by exemplary Republicans such as staste Rep. Dick Belden, Joe Lanzi, former state Senator Dan Debicella, state Rep. Jason Perillo and others. Those seeking office today do not understand what we did and why we did it. Example…they talk about the dwindling surplus. We started out $28 million in debt from the previous democrat administration and turned that into a $12 million surplus. Since 2013 when the state began facing huge deficits, the mayor and BOA made a conscious decision to “spend down” our surplus lest the state reduce our ECS grant to zero. All such capital spending that followed was done mostly by unanimous vote of the BOA and is totally transparent via BOA minutes.

Now, Widomski calls for a forensic audit (a play from the Democrat playbook) to find out where the surplus went. Incredible. All he has to do is look in the BOA minutes for the answer. Spending $40,000 or more for an audit is a waste when the information is right there under his nose.

Most of today’s primary challengers got involved because of the great job being done by the Lauretti administration. Once on board, they wanted to do things their way. If their ideas are not adopted, they claim foul. Well, when you sign on to a team and you act like the super star someone is going to set you straight before long, or the team fails.

Contrary to the Widomski rhetoric, Aldermen receive advance agendas with full back-up reasoning for all issues they are asked to decide. Dissenting views must convince the majority if they are to prevail. They are not ostracized as he claims. Widomski’s posts and his aggressive/confrontational/critical style on the P&Z Commission have not been beneficial to the growth of our city; which we depend on to fund educational and other service needs. Without that grand list growth, our taxpayers would have to bear the brunt of huge tax increases.

Widomski talks about the point of his post … and assails the mayor when Widomski himself (who is not a candidate) is going out of his way to run interference for others who are challenging long-time incumbents who have won the favor of Shelton voters over many elections. He has no stake in this election but is doing his best to tear down Republican principles that have served our community well for more than two decades.

Nobody and nothing is ever good enough for the omnipotent Widomski.

I have served the people of Shelton, especially our seniors, for 28 years and have never seen such immature behavior. This new group has abandoned Republican principles and is trying to destroy the Shelton Republican Party. That’s why the Lauretti team is asking Republican voters to help us clean house and start over with a more cooperative team.

The decision is yours to make on Sept. 10.

John Anglace

Board of Aldermen, 3rd ward