Letter: Supports Capra for Shelton’s Board of Aldermen 4th Ward

To the Editors:

I have known Jimmy Capra for more than 20 years now. I was introduced to him when he was a student in my fifth grade classroom at Booth Hill School. He was a good student and a truly fine young man. He is one of my former students who has stayed in contact over time and we have become very good friends.

Over the years, he has grown into a wonderful young man who has chosen to become an active voice in his community representing the people of Shelton. He ran and was elected to be a member of the Board of Aldermen. He worked tirelessly to help his constituents.

Jimmy deserves the chance to continue his tenure with the board.

He is honest, hardworking. He cares very deeply the citizens of Shelton. He is a decent man, a man of integrity and character. Shelton needs more like Jimmy who are willing and very capable to serve the good people of Shelton, Conn.

Bruce A. Sandberg