Local lawmakers oppose sanctuary state proposal

Shelton’s legislators are already voicing opposition to a recently submitted bill that, if approved, would legally turn Connecticut into a sanctuary state.

The proposal, H.B. 5863, titled An Act Establishing Connecticut as a Sanctuary State, would protect illegal immigrants from federal immigration laws, calling for “chapter 965 of the general statutes be amended to establish … Connecticut as a sanctuary state where immigrants are protected and … able to live, work and pursue happiness without fear.”

State Rep. Ben McGorty (R-122) was one of the first to oppose the bill, which was introduced by state Rep. Geoff Luxenberg (D-12).

"We have a legal process of entering our country and this bill would let people break federal law," said McGorty, adding that it unthinkable that anyone would propose such legislation.

"There is no state in the country that is a sanctuary,” said McGorty, “and there should never be a state in our country that makes it a positive thing to enter our country illegally."

McGorty said there is a legal process of entering the United States, and this bill would let people break federal law.

"I highly doubt that any police chief in our state would think this is a good idea,” said McGorty. “Harboring illegal immigrants in our state is unsafe and will lead to more crime. I believe that there should be immigration reform, but that is the job of Congress. I urge Congress to work in a bipartisan manner and with the President on immigration reform."

Fellow Shelton state Rep. Jason Perillo (R-113) agreed with McGorty.

“We are a nation of immigrants but we are also a nation of laws,” said Perillo. “A bill declaring Connecticut to be a sanctuary state flies in the face of those laws and is an insult to those individuals who immigrated here legally.”

The bill is now before the Judiciary Committee.