MONDAY CAR ACCIDENT: Neighbor heard sound like a gun shot, then continuing car horn

A neighbor said she heard the two-vehicle crash on Constitution Boulevard South and Long Hill Avenue at around 7 p.m. tonight in Shelton. (Photos by Brad Durrell)

The woman, who after the accident was standing in a nearby Long Hill Avenue driveway, said she heard what sounded like a gun shot, and that was followed by a car horn going off for an extended period — or for what she described as “like 15 minutes.”

The gun shot sound appears to have been the noise made when the two vehicles collided.

Two sports utility vehicles crashed into each other in the intersection. The front end of one vehicle and the driver’s side of the other made contact in the accident.

A few minutes after the crash, some neighborhood residents were standing at their end of their driveways to check on the situation, with numerous emergency vehicles on scene.

The emergency vehicles — police and fire — were parked on Constitution Boulevard South. Police officers and fire-police volunteers were helping to direct traffic around the scene.

Initial indications are that no one was hurt in the crash, and the drivers and/or occupants involved appeared to be standing outside their vehicles and interacting with emergency responders.

Small vehicle parts — such as the plastic parts of headlights and bumpers — could be seen 30 feet away or even farther from where the vehicles came to a stop.

A firefighter was putting down sand or a similar material on the road surface to cover possible oil leaks.

The accident occurred as it was getting dark outside.

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