MORE PHOTOS AND DETAILS: Shelton fire truck involved in accident

The Shelton fire truck involved in an accident late this morning was responding to a call on Soundview Avenue. (Photos by Brad Durrell)

The Echo Hose fire truck collided with a Nissan sports utility vehicle at the intersection of Shelton Avenue (Route 108) and Meadow Street. The accident occurred at slightly before noon on Thursday, Jan. 15.

Emergency personnel responded to the scene but no serious injuries were reported. About a half hour after the accident, police and fire crews could be seen in the vicinity, with multiple emergency vehicles parked along the two roads.

Five people in the two vehicles

The SUV was occupied by a driver and had no passengers. The fire truck had four firefighters inside it, according to Shelton Fire Chief Fran Jones.

The accident is “under investigation by the Shelton Police Department,” Jones said at the scene.

About a half hour after the accident, a firefighter could be seen administering help to the SUV driver, who was still in her vehicle.

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The fire truck was still parked in the middle of the intersection, while the SUV appears to have come to a stop on the north side of Meadow Street (toward the high school).

Police were directing traffic at the four-way intersection.

SUV is most heavily damaged

The damage to the SUV appears to be much more significant than that to the fire truck. The driver’s-side and rear of the SUV received heavy damage.

The left-front bumper of the firetruck also appears to have been damaged in the accident.