Many departments aid search for missing man in Shelton

Shelton Lakes Healthcare Center personnel contacted police and EMS just before 11:30 p.m. on Tuesday night to report a patient was seen running into the woods.

Soon thereafter, Shelton Fire Department personnel also became involved in the effort to find the man.

Fran Jones, Shelton fire chief, said at the scene on 5:30 a.m. Wednesday that an overnight search with more than 100 emergency personnel did not find the missing man.

Seven dog teams and five ATVs

The search involved seven dog teams, five all-terrain vehicles and thermal energy cameras, Jones said. The area surrounding the Lake Road facility is heavily wooded.

A heated tent has been set up as a command center, with numerous emergency vehicles also at the scene.

Emergency personnel have had to contend with challenging weather conditions due to cold temperatures and light snow.

The challenging weather conditions also heighten the concern about the missing man’s condition, if he’s been outdoors. Temperatures dipped into the single digits overnight.

Police, fire and EMS involved

The effort has involved Shelton police, Shelton fire and Echo Hose (Shelton) Ambulance personnel, with assistance from State Police, Ansonia and Derby emergency workers.

Additional backup services have been provided by the Monroe and Nichols (Trumbull) fire departments.

Personal and vehicles from emergency departments in other towns also were observed at the scene.