Dr. Robert Margolies, local School and Clinical Psychologist, has been accepted to present at the 15th World Congress of the World Association for Infant Mental Health in Prague, Czech Republic to be held May 29-June 2.
The presentation is entitled Prevention through high school education in child development and pre-parenting skills. Co-author Cheryl Burack, M.S.W. will be representing the authors in Prague. The presentation will report on curriculum being piloted at Killingly and Woodstock High

Schools in CT. The curriculum is designed to teach child development and pre-parenting skills to teens.

Dr, Margolies is chair of the the CT Coalition for Child Development Education (CCCDE), a not-for-profit community action group. The mission of the CCCDE is to provide all Connecticut high school students with prerequisite knowledge to prepare for the early care of human beings. In his role as Coalition Chair, Dr. Margolies has advanced the idea that the science of human nurturing, growth and development needs to be a core part of all student’s education, and that this will have some impact in prevention, and on our cultural norms, values and behaviors. A long term vision is to build child development centers in high schools, where teacher and community day care is present, providing a community service as well as teaching platform for educational activities.

For more information about the CT Coalition for Child Development Education visit: http://ct-coalition-for-child-development-education.org