Mayor: Affordability attracts people to Shelton as grand list rises in 2020

Photo of Brian Gioiele

SHELTON — The city’s 2020 grand list increased 1.49 percent over the previous year — giving local government leaders some positive economic news during the pandemic.

The net grand list sits at $4,897,082,456 in total assessments, which is 70 percent of market value, an increase of $72,055,852 from 2019, according to a preliminary grand list report completed by Assessor William H. Gaffney III and submitted to the mayor’s office on Sunday.

This year’s grand list increase comes one year after the percentage jumped 1.87 percent from 2018 to 2019.

Mayor Mark Lauretti credited the continued grand list growth — even during a pandemic — to the city’s low mill rate (22.42) and quality of life, which has led developers and businesses to make Shelton home, and with them, the additional tax revenue.

Top 10 Taxpayers 2020 Grand List


Total Assessed Value

Robert Scinto


United Illuminating Co.


Aquarion Water Co. Of CT


Pitney Bowes Inc.


Merion Shelton LLC


Shelton Properties LLC Trustee


Brightview Shelton LLC


CRE Ivy Brook LLC


Shelton Square Ltd. Partnership




“We are consistently affordable ... it is what makes Shelton attractive for people and businesses,” Lauretti said, adding that the grand list has grown each of the last 30 years under his watch.

The rapid pace of downtown redevelopment — with several projects already underway and more planned in the coming months — will aid in further continuing the grand list growth, according to Lauretti.

He also pointed to the years of development along Bridgeport Avenue as another positive sign of growth. Lauretti said further proof is Gary Plastic Packaging Corp.’s relocating from New York to 710 Bridgeport Ave.

The plastics manufacturer will occupy 207,000 square feet of the building, which also houses PerkinElmer, for manufacturing, office, warehouse and distribution services. The company also plans to hire some 300 people from the area, according to Lauretti.

Lauretti said in his more than two decades in office, except for only a couple of years, the city has either lowered the mill rate or left it untouched. The most recent increase came in 2019, when the mill rate was increased from 22.15 to 22.42.

“No one else is doing that ... this gives Shelton a predictability that I believe that residents and businesses appreciate, and gives us a significant advantage,” Lauretti said.

“We spent our money wisely, and we have had growth in every area of city government — and that has resulted in a affordable, safe, high quality of life here,” Lauretti added. “Businesses want to come here. Residents want to come here. That has led to the city’s continued growth.”

More than 85 percent of the grand list is comprised of real estate, which lists at $4,109,754,516, a 1.14 percent increase from the previous year. Personal property increased 1.50 percent, or $6,173,340, rising to $416,785,290. Motor vehicle assessments were at $370,542,650, rising $19,749,955, a 5.65 percent spike from 2019.

The assessor’s release also included the total assessments for the city’s top taxpayers for the 2020 grand list, which was again led by Robert Scinto at $247,875,847. Scinto was followed by United Illuminating Co. at $62,849,930; Aquarion Water Co. at $46,083,200, Pitney Bowes Inc. at $36,241,100 and Merion Shelton LLC at $30,253,380.

In Connecticut, assessed values represent 70 percent of the market value.