Mayor Lauretti nomination means he's up for 25th year in office

Shelton Republican party nominated Mayor Lauretti unanimously to run for his 13th two-year term in office during their caucus which took place Monday night, July 27 at Vazzy’s restaurant on Bridgeport avenue.

The Mayor wasn’t in attendance for the nomination ceremony but everyone stood behind what he’s done for the city of Shelton over the past 20 years.

John Anglace, the president of the Board of Alderman, seconded Lauretti’s nomination and spoke on his behalf.

“What you see is what you get,” Anglace said of Lauretti. “You’re not going to get anything different. You know what you can expect. And you’re going to get well-run, efficient government, and you’re going to get as an objective, no tax increase.”

Sandy Nesteriak who chaired the republican party when Lauretti was recruited to run in 1991 and then went on to serve as his assistant for more than 17 years, also vouched for his credibility.

“He’s pretty hard-headed, everyone knows that. But he’s dedicated to the city and to making the city prosper,” Nesteriak said.

Lauretti’s Democratic counterpart, Michelle Bialek was nominated at the Community Center last Tuesday July 21, along with the rest of the democratic slate set to run for local offices at the Nov. 3 election.

The official Republican slate is as follows


Mark Lauretti (incumbent)


Raymond O’Leary (incumbent)

Board of Aldermen

Ward 1

Anthony Simonetti (incumbent)

David Gidwani

Ward 2

Stan Kudej (incumbent)

Eric McPherson (incumbent)

Ward 3

John Anglace (incumbent)

Lynne Farrell (incumbent)

Ward 4

Noreen McGorty (incumbent)

Jim Capra

Board of Education

Mark Holden (incumbent)

Tom Minotti (incumbent)

Kathy Yolish (incumbent)

John Francino-Quinn (incumbent)

Anne Gaydos

Win Oppel (incumbent)

Darlissa Ritter

John Boyko

Planning and Zoning Commission

Tom McGorty (incumbent)

Ginny Harger (incumbent)

Planning and Zoning Commission Alternate

Ned Miller (incumbent)

Board of Apportionment and Taxation

John Belden (incumbent)

Cris Balamaci

Karen Batistelli

Library Board

Steven Bellis