McGorty: Red, blue lights should be used for police vehicles only

State Rep. Ben McGorty (R-122) has submitted testimony in the Public Safety and Security Committee yesterday in support of House Bill 5658, which looks to restrict the use of steady illuminated red and blue lights to police vehicles only.

McGorty, who introduced the bill, urged the committee to support the legislation because he has received complaints from residents that certain vehicles such as ride sharing cars use glowing logos that could be mistaken as a police vehicle.

“Glowing logos in the windshield for popular ride share companies Lyft and Uber help passengers identify what vehicle to get into,” said McGorty. “However, the illuminated lights drivers use are distracting motorists on the road.  The use of this industry provided illuminated lighting is representing the vehicle in some situations, mistakenly, as an emergency vehicle.”

McGorty said, as motorists are keenly sensitive to move over a lane for an emergency vehicle with lighting visible, this bill would eliminate confusion in a situation where a motorist may erroneously believe what is an emergency vehicle to be actually either Uber or Lyft.

“There should be zero misunderstanding by a motorist over what is viewed, by its lighting, as either a police, fire or EMS vehicles on our roads,” added McGorty.

The bill received the support of the Department of Motor Vehicles acting Commissioner Judeen Wrinn, who, in his written testimony, stated “this limitation enhances public safety by assuring those that encounter steady red and blue lights that they are dealing with a law enforcement officer.”