McGorty blasts used mask, glove dumpers

SHELTON — Used masks and surgical gloves are being found discarded on the ground or on shopping carts in parking lots and Shelton resident and state Rep. Ben McGorty is outraged.

McGorty posted photos on Facebook of dumped items he saw while walking from his car to the entrance of Shop Rite on Bridgeport Avenue.

“Shame on you,” wrote McGorty, who posted Thursday that he planned to hide in supermarket parking lots in Shelton, Trumbull and Stratford and make some of the guilty individuals “Facebook Famous.”

McGorty, who represents portions of Shelton, Trumbull and Stratford, said he was in “total disgust that some of the residents of my community have a total disregard for public health or the health of their neighbors.

"With all of the talk about how this virus spreads, people think it’s OK to discard their used masks and gloves in this manner,” added McGorty. “You may be the infected one. You now left your germs laying around for some innocent store worker to clean up after your inconsiderate self. Shame on you.”

McGorty urged residents who may have done this to “smarten up” and “stay safe and well, and take your used mask and gloves home with you or walk them to the trash can at the store.”