Metro-North takes action to keep trains running, including through the Valley

As the first blizzard in nearly two years heads for Connecticut and the rest of the greater New York City region, Metro-North Railroad is preparing for the worst.

From 2 to 3 feet of snow are expected along the railroad’s New Haven Line, including the Waterbury that has a station in Derby serving Shelton.

Extra engineers and signal maintainers are being called in, the railroad announced on Monday.

Metro-North will take steps to ensure that switches — the interlocking tracks that allow rail traffic controllers to route trains from one track to another — are working throughout the storm.

Snow-clearing equipment positioned

Snow-clearing equipment will be positioned strategically throughout the system to start when snow accumulation begins, the railroad announced.

All rail station platforms and waiting areas will be pretreated with salt to ensure passenger safety, and Metro-North will continue to clear snow and ice from these areas during the week.

Trains will be protected by pre-treating with de-icer all door tracks. Extra train crews and protect engines will be stationed at major junctions to assist in case any train breaks down. And extra signal maintainers, power and track department personnel will be station at critical interlockings.