More than 4 inches has fallen in Shelton as of 6 p.m.

As of 6 p.m., slightly more than 4 inches of snow has fallen in southern Shelton.

A ruler, above, was placed inside untouched snow on top of a picnic table at that time to come up with the measurement. (The first number visible above the snow is 5 inches.)

Little traffic on local roads

Traffic on local roads has now thinned out considerably, with many people now home from work and staying inside the night.

There’s still heavy, slow-moving traffic on Route 8 northbound, however, as drivers try to navigate their way home — many coming from jobs in southern Fairfield County.

Pretty much all activities have been canceled tonight, with snow expected to continue to fall until daybreak.

Up to 10 inches is possible in Shelton, with areas closer to the coast expected to get the most accumulation from this storm.