More than a day later, smoke emits from hotspots at Shelton fire scene

City officials were meeting inside a van near the fire scene on Tuesday morning, due to the excessive cold temperatures outside. (Photos by Brad Durrell)

Mayor Mark Lauretti, Fire Marshal James Tortora, and other fire, police and building officials were discussing the cleanup of the site after Monday morning’s massive fire.

State Police personnel also were said to be at the scene to help with the investigation.

There are still a few visible hotspots on the Howe Avenue property, where almost an entire city block was ravaged by fire. Smoke can be seen drifting into the air from these hotspots.

Some workers also were continuing to work on demolition of brick remnants and other parts of the main four-story building that totally collapsed.

As of mid-morning, the one-story structure closest to Center Street that houses Liquid Lunch and a few other storefronts was still standing. It appears city building officials will have to determine whether that building structure will have to be taken down or not.