Moving the Echo Hose firehouse

Mayor Mark Lauretti said he’s open to the idea of moving the Echo Hose Fire Station from Coram Avenue, a concept that has been considered and studied in the past. “A lot of people agree that firehouse has outlived its location,” he said.

The current firehouse is located on a narrow road downtown, making it difficult to get large firetrucks in and out quickly at times.

Lauretti favors putting the station near the start of a new section of Constitution Boulevard off Bridgeport Avenue, a road that would eventually connect to Shelton Avenue via Nells Rock Road.

The city may start building this new road itself, partly to boost economic development. “Once we put that road in, lots of good things will happen,” Lauretti said.
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The city also has been looking at the option of having a private developer build the new road as part of a deal to buy the city-owned Mas property, which is almost 70 acres and off Bridgeport Avenue.

The Mas property is where the new firehouse could go as well as private commercial and residential development.

Another possible location

A new Echo Hose Fire Station also could be put somewhere near the western end of the existing Constitution Boulevard South (close to Bridgeport Avenue).

An increasing number of Echo Hose calls now involve incidents on or near Bridgeport Avenue, where much corporate and retail development has taken place in recent decades, so a location between downtown and the Bridgeport Avenue commercial corridor would be beneficial.

Another factor in possibly relocating the firehouse is the effort to build a new City Hall within a two-block section of downtown Shelton, which includes the current Echo Hose firehouse.

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