New Haven woman adopts ‘demonic' dog that went viral

Photo of Andrew DaRosa

"Have other dogs? Cats? Don’t apply unless they like being shaken up like a ragdoll by a 13lb rage machine."

"Prancer only likes women. Nothing else. He hates men more than women do." 

"He’s never been in the presence of a child, but I can already imagine the demonic noises and shaking fury that would erupt from his body if he was."

Those are just a few lines from 2-year-old chihuahua, Prancer’s, adoption ad, which went viral when it was posted last month.

"You know that episode of The Office where Michael Scott silently whispers 'I’ll kill you' to Toby? That’s Prancer having to begrudgingly coexist with everyone when I’m around," reads Prancer's adoption ad. "If you have people over he would have to be put away like he’s a vacuum. I know finding someone who wants a Chucky doll in a dogs body is hard, but I have to try."

Prancer's adoption ad was released in early April by New Jersey-based adoption agency Second Chance Pet Adoption League. According to Tyfanee Fortuna, a volunteer with the adoption agency, Prancer had spent six months with her before he was listed with the Second Chance Pet Adoption League.

Ariel Davis, 36, of New Haven, adopted the dog last week after she felt a connection to him through his brutally-honest description.

“I kind of knew what it was like to have a dog that was like Prancer," she said. "I figured, 'why not, it doesn’t hurt to send an email,'” Davis told Hearst Connecticut Media.

“Second Chance Adoption and Tyfanee were some of the most amazing people that I’ve ever met," she added. "They did a really good job in making sure that he went to a good home.”

Davis, who runs his now-viral Instagram account, traveled down to New Jersey to meet Prancer, and the two connected quickly. 

“He wasn’t really friendly because of his situation, but by the time I got him in the car and we were alone...he was really happy," Davis said. “He’s been such a sweetheart. It took him a couple days for him to settle in and when he did, he started to open up. I can definitely see the neurotic personality that he’s got.”

Davis said that Prancer loves going on walks around New Haven and has started to settle into his forever home.

For anyone looking to adopt a dog like Prancer, Davis had a few words of advice:

“Check your motives, know what you’re getting into and make a commitment.”

"We do miss Prancer and he was loved here despite his quirks" Fortuna wrote in a Facebook post. "I have a lot of experience with toxic men, so it was easy for me to overlook his malicious tendencies and love him anyway," 

Despite being described as "a traumatized Victorian child" that "will probably live to be 21 through pure spite," Prancer has also been described as "loyal beyond belief" and loves car rides.