New book addresses fear of the dentist

Ron Linden, a Trumbull resident with a dental practice in Shelton, has written a new book that deals with a common problem — dental anxiety. The book is entitled, "You Can Conquer Your Dental Fear."

The book addresses topics such as why dental anxiety is so widespread, other reasons for avoiding the dentist, how to find the right dental office, the power of desensitization and sleep dentistry are also included.

In the book Linden even addresses ways to stay calm between visits, how other professionals can help and whether dental fear can be eliminated entirely. Linden said there are few resources available today that specifically address these issues.

In his practice, Linden has spent over 30 years working with patients who fear the dentist. During that time, he has developed a number of strategies that have reduced their anxiety.

Linden has degrees from Cornell and New York University.

"You Can Conquer Your Dental Fear" is available as an e-book from such sources as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The print version is available online at