New recycling starts Sept. 4

Trash and recycling will not be collected on Monday Sept. 3, due to the Labor Day holiday, according to the Public Works Department.

Monday's route will be picked up on Tuesday.

Tuesday through Friday, residents are advised to put their trash and recycling out on their normally scheduled day. If it is not picked up on that day, it will be on the following day. Anything not picked up on Friday will be collected on Saturday.

The Transfer Station and the City Yard will also be closed on Monday, for the Holiday. It will reopen on Tuesday, September 4, 2012.

Automated recycling collection starts on Tuesday, using the new bins that were still being delivered this week.

Recycables are still picked up every other week under the new single-stream system.

Residents will be able to recycle the following items:

• Glass (clear, green and brown).

• Plastic (containers with numbers 1-7 on the bottom) as well as hard plastics.

• Metal (tin and aluminum cans, aluminum foil, empty aerosol cans and hangers, pots/pans and small appliances).

• Aseptic packaging (milk and juice cartons and boxes).

• Paper (school and office paper, newspaper, magazines, paper egg cartons, paper bags, junk mail, telephone books, shredded paper in paper bags only, paperback books and books with hard covers removed.

• Paper board (gift boxes, cereal and cracker boxes, with liners removed, pasta boxes, tissue boxes, shoe boxes, aluminum foil and saran wrap boxes and uncontaminated pizza boxes.

• Corrugated cardboard, cut in pieces to fit into recycling cart.

All items must be rinsed and free of food residue, and broken glass should be discarded to avoid injury to handlers.

Items that can't be recycled include plastic bags, food, used paper plates, Styrofoam, foam egg cartons, ice cream cartons, black plastic, medicine bottles, dishes, ceramics, batteries, motor oil containers, sporting goods, electronics, batteries and hazardous chemical containers.

Soon residents will be receiving new bins for garbage collection that will look similar to recycling bins but are brown. Automated garbage pick-up will start the week after the brown bins arrive.