Officials: Almost 198,000 CT residents enrolled for Obamacare coverage

As of midnight on Monday, March 31, Access Health CT (AHCT) had enrolled 197,878 Connecticut residents in healthcare coverage.

AHCT representatives continue to work with residents who attempted to enroll in coverage on March 31 — the deadline day — but were unable to complete their applications that day.

AHCT is the Connecticut exchange for the federal Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare.

‘Significant surge’

Kevin Counihan, Access Health CT’s CEO, said a one-day record of 5,917 residents signed up for coverage on March 31.

“With such a significant surge in enrollment, we will make sure anyone who attempted to enroll but encountered some difficulty will not miss out on being enrolled,” Counihan said. “We will work diligently to follow up with everyone ... to ensure their application is complete for coverage beginning May 1.”

Until open enrollment begins for 2015, residents now will only be able to get coverage through AHCT under special circumstances, such as marriage, divorce, birth, adoption, or loss of insurance coverage from an employer. For information about special enrollment go to

Most signed up through Medicaid

Of the 197,878 enrollees in Connecticut, 76,597 enrolled with a private insurance carrier and 121,281 enrolled in Medicaid.

Since open enrollment began, there were over 801,509 unique visitors to the AHCT website (, and the AHCT call center answered more than 366,975 calls.

AHCT began educational outreach efforts in November 2012, hosting 100 “healthy chats” across the state to answer questions about the Affordable Care Act and the exchange. AHCT also held enrollment fairs and opened walk-in enrollment centers.

Enrollment began last fall

Enrollment began on Oct. 1, 2013. AHCT had set a self-imposed goal of enrolling 100,000 residents in coverage.

“This was a tremendous statewide effort supported by state agencies, community health centers, faith-based organizations, and hundreds of outreach workers,” said Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.