Op-Ed: Shelton fire crews offer spring safety tips

Shelton Fire Department

Shelton Fire Department

Shelton Fire Department / Contributed photo

SHELTON — The Shelton Fire Department is reminding residents to stay safe as nicer weather approaches:

The department asks people to:

Ensure you clear dry leaves and brush from under your decks, away from your AC units and your propane tanks.

Make sure you have a “green” area between your home and the woods.

Avoid having dry grass against your house. Keep the grass hydrated.

Inspect the electrical cords in your home and replace worn or tattered ones. Avoid running cords under carpets, across doorways or under lawn furniture to prevent them from being damaged. When using extension cords outdoors, make sure they are rated for outdoor use and always unplug them immediately after use.

Remove excess lint from the dryer. This is the number one cause of clothes dryer fires. Clean the lint that has been collected around the drum before or after each load of laundry. Always use a lint filter and clean it regularly. Move combustible items like boxes and clothing around your dryer to a safer area.

Clean the grease or fat build-up from grills after every use. Doing so not only decreases the risk of fire but also helps the food cook better. Check the propane tank, hose and all connection points for leaks. If you smell gas when the grill is on, turn off the tank and burners immediately. If you have a charcoal grill, use only charcoal starter fluid.

Have an escape plan. You should have an escape plan in case of a fire or other disaster. The plan should include a map of each home level with two escape routes in each room. Discuss and practice the plan with everyone in the household, including children, and add pets to the plan.