Darien residents, like everyone, are trying to adapt to the new normal. It doesn’t help that things change every day. This includes what outside spaces are open or closed to visitors as a pandemic and how to stop its spread becomes an ever-moving goal post.

So as of Tuesday, April 7, this is what is confirmed open and closed as per the respective person or department that governs it.

Some of them are confusing so we will try to spell it out (and anyone who uses the open ones is still expected to practice social distancing - six feet apart - and no groups of more than five as per the governor’s orders):

Darien’s parks and beaches are open to pedestrians. The parking lots are closed to vehicular traffic. This includes Weed Beach, Pear Tree Point Beach, Baker Park, Cherry Lawn Park. You cannot park there, but if you can walk there or get dropped off there, you can walk around. This doesn’t mean you can park on the streets adjacent to the beaches either. There is no parking there and Darien Police are patrolling.

Darien beaches close at sunset.

Darien High School’s campus is closed to vehicular traffic as per an executive order dated April 8 from the First Selectman. Vehicular access to Darien High School is prohibited to elimate the public from gathering. This does not apply to other school campuses. There should be no lingering on the high school campus, but residents can use it as a pass through. Physical distancing should be strictly observed, even outdoors.

Darien High School and all other Darien school campus athletic fields, amenities, and playgrounds are closed.

The baseball and softball fields at Town Hall, McGuane Park, Baker Park and Cherry Lawn Park as well as the batting cages are closed.

Playgrounds — whether they are school playgrounds (see campuses above) or town playgrounds — are closed.

Town tennis and paddle courts are closed.

The Darien Community Association’s bird sanctuary and nature trail is open. The DCA is at 274 Middlesex Road.

Darien Land Trust preserves, Dunlap Woods which is adjacent to Town’s Selleck’s Woods and Olson Woods, are open. Detailed locations and walking trails can be found at https://darienlandtrust.org/community-preserves.

Most Connecticut state parks are open, other than Kent Falls State Park and Seaside State Park (Waterford), which are closed due to problems with social distancing. Find out more about the latest on state parks here: https://portal.ct.gov/DEEP/State-Parks/COVID-19-Updates-CT-State-Parks-and-Forests