P&Z Briefs: Longtime zoning official Dingle retires

Tom Dingle, the city’s longtime zoning enforcement officer, is retiring. Dingle began working for the city in 1974 as a police officer, then was employed by the school system, and started his career in the zoning office 20 years ago.
Planning and Zoning Commission members and staff acknowledged his service during a recent meeting, when his retirement was announced.
“Tom has been nothing but a plus to the commission,” interim P&Z Administrator Ken Nappi said.

Apartment design
P&Z members approved a new design for a retail and apartment building to be built at 509 Howe Avenue, next to the old theater building where Stockbridge Cheesecakes once was located. The developer is Calandro and Guarrera.
A one-story retail building will be knocked down and replaced by a five-story building with ground-floor retail space and 27 upper-floor apartments. The theater building will remain and be renovated to better match the adjacent new building.
Members had been concerned about the new building’s height and somewhat modern architecture, based on initial designs. The structure now will be 54 feet high and resemble nearby older buildings.
River Road addition
Additional retail space and a small second-floor apartment may be added to an existing building at 415 River Road owned by Mike Ballaro and Son.
The existing structure has a storefront, which previously housed a deli and now is vacant, and an apartment above it.
The addition would have a smaller storefront and second-floor studio apartment. The site has more parking than required.