P&Z: New CVS earns commission approval

The path is clear for a CVS pharmacy and store to replace the vacant Sears Appliance and Hardware store at 705 Bridgeport Avenue.
The Planning & Zoning Commission, at its June 11 meeting, approved the plan that calls for the 25,068-square-feet Sears building to be demolished and replaced with a smaller, 13,111-square-feet structure that would house a CVS with a drive-through window and walk-in Minute Clinic.
The new CVS could be ready to open by the end of the year, Al Dasilva, one of the shopping center’s owners, told commissioners at the P&Z public hearing last month. Dasilva said developers are ready to “knock down the [Sears] building,” and the project will require minimum site work.
The location is part of an existing Planned Development District (PDD) on 4.1 acres that also includes a Chipotle restaurant and two other retail buildings with a FedEx store, nail salon and credit union.
The property owners requested changes in the PDD language to allow a pharmacy, drive-through window, walk-in clinic and 24-hour operation, although representatives indicated no plans exist to be open 24 hours a day at this time.
The drive-through will be on the north side, toward the Hampton Inn, with a one-way driveway that will go around the back of the building. A fence or other barrier will be built in the rear to protect vehicles from possible falling rock due to extensive ledge.
The building’s highest point would be a decorative tower in the front at 29 feet. Most of the structure would be slightly shorter. The overall shopping center would have 181 parking spaces, which is more than the required 138 spaces.
The store would likely keep hours of 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.