P&Z sets hearing on Fountain Square changes

SHELTON — The Goddard School and a drive-thru DQ Grill and Chill may soon call Fountain Square home, according to the developers’ newly revised site plan request.

The project’s developers, represented by attorney Dominick Thomas, submitted plans to the Planning and Zoning Commission at its Jan. 14 meeting, calling for replacement of the proposed bank building with a day care center and reduction of one of the pad sizes for a restaurant to allow for a drive thru. Plans submitted to the P&Z office show The Goddard School and DQ Grill and Chill as the proposed occupants.

The revised plans also propose increasing the retail space of one store by 4,000 square feet at the Fountain Square project site at 801 Bridgeport Ave. on the corner of Bridgeport Avenue and Parrott Drive that will also be home to a Marriott hotel.

A public hearing on changes to the site plan is set for Jan. 29.

The Fountain Square proposal was one of four new business items on the agenda. A second, the application to build a complex called Vista Apartments 2 at 1030 Howe Ave., was withdrawn by project engineer Jim Swift. Swift and the developers said they are expected to introduce a new proposal for the site in the next few months.

Also, the commission gave its conditional approval to a proposed multifamily house at 30 Fairmount Place, adjacent to St. Joseph Church. It also unanimously approved the release of a $20,000 performance bond for site development to Bishop Development of Shelton, LLC. The site being developed is at 762 River Road.

The multifamily house is a remodeling project of an existing property. When complete, it will have five units, a total of nine bedrooms and 10 parking spaces: two per unit.

Thomas pointed out that the remodeled building has been given extensive landscaping and high-end interiors. “When you have interiors such as this, it generates much more interest by tenants in keeping their property well maintained,” he said.

Thomas also pointed out that “such remodelings increase the value of surrounding properties.”

Commission Chair Virginia Harger suggested the addition of a sidewalk connecting two rather isolated parking spots with the front of the building. For aesthetics, she suggested that the walks incorporate concrete paving stones. P&Z’s approval of the project is subject to the review and approval of the Shelton city engineer.

Other business

Among other business, the commission weighed the merits of six applications for certificates of zoning compliance. Five of those were simple signage requests.

* David Melanson of 30 Blueberry Lane received approval of his request to build an in-law apartment at that location.

* Soan H. Jung Joor, the operator of a sushi bar at 837 River Road, received conditional approval for a monument sign outside the establishment. The one condition imposed was the removal of an existing phone number on that sign.

* Brian Vaser, representing the Griffin Hospital walk-in center at 110 Commerce Drive, sought approval for a roadside sign directing traffic into the facility. The commission’s approval was contingent on the width of a proposed sidewalk. It also must be set back from the street at least 10 feet.

* The commission approved the addition of a sign for Gaetano’s Deli, a new tenant at the same address.

* The commission also approved the addition of orthopedic services to the monument sign at a multi-practice healthcare facility at 330 Bridgeport Avenue.