PHOTO: Shelton vet questions Murphy on flag-burning amendment

Dave Gallagher, left, commander of Sutter-Terlizzi American Legion Post 16 in Shelton, talks to U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy, right, during Murphy’s visit on Monday. (Photo by Brad Durrell)

Listening to their conversation is Jack Finn, a Democratic alderman in Shelton, Vietnam War veteran and Post 16 member.

Murphy, a first-term Democrat, hosted a “Pancakes and Politics” breakfast with community leaders at the American Legion Post 16.

About 40 people from Shelton and Monroe listened as Murphy discussed his current legislative priorities and answered questions from the audience.

‘The first thing your grab’

Gallagher, who lives in Shelton, later asked Murphy during the Q&A session whether he would support a constitutional amendment intended to make it a crime to burn the American flag.

“The American flag is the first thing you grab after 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing,” said Gallagher, who supports the amendment.
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Murphy said he doesn’t believe the proposal will come up for a vote. He said he certainly values the flag and all it represents, and respects the American Legion’s strong views on the issue, but he appeared to indicate he’s unlikely to back such an amendment.

“I’m a very strong proponent of the First Amendment ... I tend to default to free speech,” said Murphy, noting he’s open to hearing all views on the issue.

Look for more coverage of the breakfast in this week’s print edition of the Shelton Herald.