PHOTOS: Crews installing new traffic light at Bridgeport Ave. intersection

Work continued Monday to install a new traffic light at southern entrance to the Shelton Square Shopping Center, near the Stop & Shop gas station and Burger King. It will replace the existing traffic light structure. (Photos by Brad Durrell)

Employees from Danbury-based Rizzo Electrical Contractors are working with subcontractors on the job, and have been at the site for a few work days.

Many motorists may have been wondering what sort of construction activity was taking place at the intersection due to all the construction equipment.

Multiple trucks and related heavy equipment are stationed at the entrance and exit. A police officer and squad vehicle, as well as orange cones, are being used to control traffic at the busy intersection.

The crews need to go deep into the ground to create a pole base for the new signal, based on state requirements, and have been dealing with ledge. It appears there will be four poles — on each corner of the intersection, each with its own base — holding up the new traffic signal structure.

Bridgeport Avenue is a state road, and therefore traffic signal-related work is overseen by the state Department of Transportation.

The intersection is in the vicinity of 898-902 Bridgeport Ave., and generally used by people heading south on that main road from the Shelton Square Shopping Center.

The new Stop & Shop gas station, just south of the supermarket in the large shopping complex, opened about a year ago. Major work on the shopping center's southern entrance and exit, including on a brook culvert under the driveway, took place at that time.