PHOTOS: Downtown Shelton fire site demo removal exposes big pit

It appears the removal of debris from the rubble of the massive Jan. 6 fire in downtown Shelton has made a lot of progress. (Photos by Brad Durrell)

Most of the remnants of the destroyed structures — some of which dated back to the 1800s — have now been carted away.

This has exposed the pit that was the basement, with various underground concrete walls and other structural elements visible as well as dirt.

It’s not known what will happen next with the site although it’s likely the big hole created by demolition removal will have to be filled in with dirt for public safety reasons.

The fire impacted much of a historic city block, destroying 23 apartment units and at least a half dozen storefronts on Howe Avenue at Bridge Street/Viaduct Square.

No one died in the middle-of-the-night blaze, with firefighters using tower ladders to rescue some apartment dwellers from upper-floor windows.