PHOTOS: Downtown Shelton fire site is now mostly filled with dirt

The debris has been removed from the site of the Jan. 6 fire in downtown Shelton and the basement shell now is being filled in with dirt. (Photos by Brad Durrell)

Workers spent the past few weeks getting rid of all the fire-ravaged remnants, which exposed various underground concrete and rock walls and other structural elements.

During the course of the past week or so, large amounts of clean dirt have been placed in the hole created by the basement area. It’s likely the former basement will have to be completely covered with fill for public safety and other reasons.

Exactly what will happen in the future to the property, which once housed 23 apartments and about a half dozen storefronts, is uncertain. The main structure on Howe Avenue at Bridge Street dated back to the 1800s.

No one died in the middle-of-the-night blaze, with firefighters using tower ladders to rescue some apartment dwellers from upper-floor windows.