PHOTOS OF SHELTON SCHOOL BUS ACCIDENT: Car is badly damaged, the bus less so

Here are photos of the accident involving a Shelton school bus and a car on the morning of Tuesday, Feb. 24.

The accident occurred at slightly past 7 a.m. on Shelton Avenue, as the bus was pulling onto that road from Wooster Street.

Thirty-seven Shelton High School students were on board as well as the adult driver. Some students received minor injuries, with seven being released to parents after all the students were transported to Shelton High on another bus and checked by school nurses.

The driver of the car did not report being injured, according to the Shelton police.

Police and school officials, including Shelton High administrators, responded to the accident scene.

The city of Shelton owns the propane-powered school buses used by the school district. Drivers and routes are handled by Landmark Student Transportation, an outside company.



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