PHOTOS: Shelton High students rejoice during graduation ceremony

Almost 370 Shelton High School students received their diplomas at Finn Stadium on Friday night. (Photos by Brad Durrell)

They were cheered on by parents, siblings, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, teachers and other relatives.

The weather was cooperative — sunny and somewhat hot and muggy, but not overwhelmingly so.

Valedictorian Gina K. Ciambriello asked if students were ready to face the world outside their own community and comfort zone.

Yes, they were, she said. “We now have the foundation to build our future,” Ciambriello said.

Salutatorian Wesley S. Kocurek said he and his fellow students have learned a lot about life during their four years at SHS — part of “their journey into adulthood.”

“I learned sometimes your best just isn’t good enough — that’s why I’m giving this speech and not the next one,” joked Kocurek, who was followed by the valedictorian.

The class essayist presentation was given by Charles A. O’Keefe and the welcome address by Elise C. Sullivan, senior class president.

Also giving speeches were Mayor Mark Lauretti, School Supt. Freeman Burr, Board of Education President Mark Holden, and SHS Headmaster Beth Smith.

Shelton High 2015 graduates will attend such universities as Yale, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Case Western Reserve, Boston College, Boston University, Miami, and Fordham.

Top students academically

The Top Ten students in the 2015 SHS graduating class, by academic rank, were:

1. Gina K. Ciambriello

2. Wesley S. Kocurek

3. Erik Kocur

4. Michael L. Lynders

5. Sara C. Brown

6. Austin J. Kothary

7. Carolyn K. Taylor

8. Max Liang Wang

9. Christopher D. Lipscomb

10. Jennifer H. Gulick

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